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Other terms for speed dating

Even for the small number of people at this conference (about 40) the number of possible pairings is astronomical (something like – 319 830 986 772 877 770 815 625) so even computationally this is a really difficult problem to solve.

Through complicated maths you can put together a graph of the favourability of different pairings and solve it to give the best combination of dates. Many new conversations were started at the conference and it really helped open everyone up and get them involved in the presentations and discussions even for sessions that they wouldn’t normally be interested in. This is what happens when science gets applied to conference organising; A bunch of crazy diagrams and enforced socialising, something that should definitely be tried more often.

Hi Ilona, We didn't have formal seating arrangements...

there were some couches, some seats with tables, while some people opted to talk standing up while drinking coffee.

By booking onto a Speed Dating event, or registering your details on this web site, you hereby register your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions and you further represent and warrant that you have the right, authority and capacity to abide by all the Terms and Conditions.Co-authorship network has a long delay to in depth scientific discussion, thus we sent a survey to participants to build their network. Overall, we were very satisfied with how the meeting went.Every scientist loves talking about their work, so once you get them to sit down and to start talking to each other, they always have a great time.It's just easier to talk about 'speed dating' than 'Minimizing the L2 loss in mutual knowledge space'.Any suggestions for alternative names are very welcome, we got a few suggestions, but they were even more dire (someone at the conference suggested 'forced pairings').

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So you can’t pair up people that have collaborated and ideally you want to match people that are on opposite sides of the collaboration network (i.e.

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