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Precision is simply the difficulty gain a map gets from the CS, with respect to CS1. It has been split into two categories, measuring both two contrasting yet highly intertweened aspects of speed.Speed measures the pure speed of a map, while Stamina measures its stamina requirement.This is where we would prefer majority of your feedback be posted so it can be discussed openly with active members.Syrin's discord bot, Uni Chan, has been extended to include some Performance Plus functionality!

Accuracy has been completely overhauled compared to PPv2.

On top of spacing as in PPv2, the difficulty of various kinds of streamjumps, and sharp curves and general angles are reflected in this value.

Streams with high enough spacing used to give extra speed rather than aim in PPv2 as to account for low spaced singletaps, but since the singletap/stream detection is done by other means in PP , spacing gives aim now.

For maps and scores, it is a combination of total Aim, Accuracy, and the highest value between Stamina and Speed.

For players, the pp total is half the weighted sum of the player's Total scores ("PPv2 total"), and half a combination of the player's total Aim, Accuracy, and Speed/Stamina rating ("osu! Aim (Total) is again, in principle, just like PPv2 aim, measuring the overall difficulty in aiming a map.

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