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No wonder people have such misinfomed and disrespectful attitudes towards people with ostomies, and worsened by ostomates who use the term, as well.

I find the use of the word "bag" to describe an ostomy pouch, demeaning and disrespectful.

Yea I know, there are alot of wonderful, sweet women out there who will understand. Theres not been any dating adds so i though id be brave and be the 1st to put one on. well i suppose I'm like a prince charming that is seeking his beautiful princess.

If you believe that you've watched and read too many love stories. How can you have sex with the thought there could be the slightest chance of an a... Well hello i was wondering what to write as a punchline 1st so it was either romeo seeks his Juliette or prince charming seeks his princess they both sound like me so any way lol. i will treat you like a princess show you lots of love and affection give you lots of cuddles and kisses show you that your wanted and f...

It has been a LONG time since I was last involved in the dating scene as my marriage of twenty years just imploded. Even though it is the reaction I expected, it still stung a bit, you know? OK, So I know I'm different, but now I'm really different after I woke up with an illieostomy.

I love my wife more than anything and i would never cheat under any circumstance. Let's start by saying that I don't have, never had, and never will have a body part that is worth my life.

Just wanted to ask people is it really possible to date when you have a bag? Because there is cotton fabric between the bag and the skin, it reduces the possibility of skin inflammation.

The belt has a pocket on the inside into which the stoma bag is inserted.

I was wondering has anyone found a way of keeping that darn bag out of the way when they are having on of thier most intimate moments? From things I have read on this site the answer is no. The belt, additionally, holds the bag against the body and reduces the possibility of detachment.

I've used techniques such as holding it under a t-shirt ect... People say its either to hard to tell people about the bag or they run for the hills once they find out. In the case of bag detachment, it stays in its place, as the pocket prevents it from slipping along the body and dropping out of clothing to the ground.

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I just can't imagine any woman would or could be interested in me now.

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