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In some ways, it’s not a joke, as with most humour, it’s based on a truth.

For example, the sari that the bride is given by the groom’s side, on her wedding day is called a gad choru. As the Oshwal population was much larger than the rest of the VANIA put together, they formed their own community and excluded all others. Navnat includes 9 sects of VANIA excluding the Oshwals. There is a town called OSSIA and those who came from there became OSHWAL.

I remember being around some members of Suraj’s family and having the Mickey taken out of me. Vissa is close to the word Viss which means 20 and Dasa is close to the word Das which means 10. Back in the day, I was told that the Navnats treated the Oshwals badly.

It finally got explained to me that Oshwal are ‘Vissa’ and Navnat are ‘Dasa’. Of course, it implies that I have half the skill, intelligence and so on.

With a group of fun, open-minded, creative and opinionated singles, you will get the opportunity to make connections that could lead to a wonderful and happy life together.

We promise this will not be the same old boring speed dating format!

One activity involved learning and teaching a new skill, where, would you believe it – the men and women were split up and separated to learn a skill!

Unfortunately, those who weren’t around for the previous conversations are taking offence to this banter.

However, although it’s a joke, as with most humour, it’s based on a truth.

I’ll stop there because I don’t want this to turn into a post about how different we are. I guess it’s a shame that some people can’t let go of the history that they know of and live more closely and harmoniously. This would include not allowing them to use our utensils to eat or drink from.

Others like to amplify things for whatever reason and I guess there are others who don’t really know but repeat what they’ve been ‘fed’. THIS IS STILL APPLIED BY OSHWALS/ALL TO THE BLACKS IN KENYA! Over the period, OSHWALs started moving from farming to business and uplifted their community to a HIGHER STATUS.

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The truth is that there are differences between the two communities.

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