Onvalidatingpassword args not working

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However, Python 2 still has long years of productive life ahead, so it's better to not forget the techniques and idioms that let you implement in Python 2 important design ideas that are directly supported in the language in Python 3!

When you're using **kwargs, you mean that a keyword is not just optional, but conditional.

The only declarations allowed at namespace level are module, interface, class, delegate, enumeration, and structure declarations.

So I simply restarted the computer, and now it works.

Here's one for for office workers using a computer shared by others.

Submit button on Page has property Causes Validation set to TRUE and has Validation group A (like all validators on my page). on postback on the server, otherwise your server validation will not be called.

All validators(requiredfield validators) works fine, but custom validators is not. The Required Field Validator validates on the client, that's why this one is working.

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