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They have also updated the payment amount to somewhere between 00 – 00, with some as high as 00 with a few victims telling me 00 – ,000.Enter your email address on and see where your info had been stolen from.If you use a different randomly generated password on each site, then any compromise or theft of details can only apply to that site.If you were more scrutiny while playing with yourself, I wouldn\’t write dis message.The trail is always followed and eventually it will lead to a person. You can buy almost anything with bitcoin nowadays, from online software, paying for movies or music, to a pair of shoes, clothing, accessories, a car or even a house.While the money stays in bitcoin and is not spent, there is little chance of actually catching anybody. This is where a I am using bitcoin as a generic term for digital money in this case, but the majority of these blackmail, sextortion scams do use a bitcoin wallet rather than any other digital blockchain wallet.There were no tracking pixels in any emails received.There are numerous variations in the wording of the email body, but all are basically the same.

It is vital that you change all your passwords everywhere and in many occasions it is necessary to get in touch with your Bank or other financial body to inform them that all your details may ( probably have ) been stolen.There has been a plague of Blackmail, Sextortion Scam attempts over the last few months.The emails will all basically say that he has placed a keylogger on your computer and has evidence of you “playing with yourself” while visiting a porn site.He also states that he has stolen your contacts list.He asks for amounts varying between about 0 up to ,000 in bitcoin, otherwise he will send the “evidence” to various names on your contact list.

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