Online dating glossary

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Online dating glossary

Each email provider decides what spam filter to use and how strict it should be. More lenient filters will allow more spam into your inbox.

IMBRA A new United States law "International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005".

Kind of like ghosting, but the ghoster continues to watch the ghosted person's Instagram stories, or like their posts.

When you turn up to a date and realise the person's profile picture must be 10 years old, you've been kittenfished. Possibly the dating world's most frustrating behaviour. Ah, the backhanded compliment with a sinister twist. Like the critters hiding in your kitchen cupboard, this is when a romantic partner hides the fact they are dating around.

Like catfishing, but a person painting a much prettier picture of themselves on dating apps than what they are in real life. This is what manipulators use to undermine your confidence and therefore increase your need for that person's approval. If you subjected yourself to last season of Married at First Sight, you'll know all about this term.

When someone lets a former fling know they are still interested by still liking their social media posts. "He's a total snack." Short story short, when someone looks good, they are a snack. Like ghosting, but a softer blow with more warning signs.

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The woman is provided with the results of IMBRA clearance (explained above) for that man before she signs the release.