Oasis dating web site

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Furthermore, the technical construction of Oasis is a bit limited compared to other popular dating sites.

However, we shouldn’t forget that Oasis is a FREE, straightforward and easy to use dating site.

In addition, the company wanted to focus on application and product development rather than spending time on operations.

One of the greatest advantages of Oasis is the fact that it allows you to join for free.

Signing up is rather simple and the site doesn’t waste any time getting you ready to start dating.

“Storing images on normal operating systems is not a simple thing, but once we moved to Amazon S3, the problem went away,” says Horder.

“It wasn’t so much about the volume of data involved, but the complexity of managing millions of thumbnails and gallery images.” The figure below provides a diagram of the image infrastructure for

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Previously, used a manual backup system that took 12 hours to complete because of the size of the file system required to manage more than 50 million images.

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