Nwn2 updating journal after encounter

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Nwn2 updating journal after encounter

You can read more about it and grab the files from here:- There are a total of FOUR compressed files containing all the data you will need to install and play (as long as you own NWN2 and both expansions).

This figure can also be found from the Althéa Main Menu ("Rule Information" section). Fixed those noted above, plus liquor cabinets & light flicker ( M ).v1.02 - Fixed PLOT ITEM drops.

At which time, a patch will be uploaded for current players, and the main files updated.

To this end, I will start an "issue" list, detailing the date discovered and what the issue is.

Therefore, keep track of the current patch version in case it is higher than your current module version.

Note that the hak patch only addresses essential game-breaking bugs, which are mostly campaign ( C ) scripts.

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Any module ( M ) fixes, considered non-essential, are only updated for the latest module version uploaded.

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