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The only meaningful measure of long-term security of supply is the known reserves in the ground capable of being mined.An orebody is, by definition, an occurrence of mineralisation from which the metal is economically recoverable.This means that it needs to be in a mineral form that can easily be dissolved by sulfuric acid or sodium carbonate leaching.

The 2016 recognised these trends, along with more efficient plant operation, and as a result of which, the report’s generic reactor fuel consumption was reduced from 175 t U per GWe per year at 0.30% tails assay (2012 report) to 160 t U per GWe per year at 0.25% tails assay (2016 report).Japanese (JAERI) research in 2002 using a polymeric absorbent in a nonwoven fabric containing an amidoxime group that was capable of forming a complex with uranyl tricarbonate ions, suggested about 0/kg U. The total recoverable identified resources to US$ 260/kg U is 7.989 million tonnes U.Identified resources in situ to US$ 130/kg U are 8.122 Mt, and to US$ 260/kg U, 10.653 Mt. Uranium has been successfully mined since the 1940s.At ten times the current price*, seawater, for example, might become a potential source of vast amounts of uranium.Thus, any predictions of the future availability of any mineral, including uranium, which are based on current cost and price data, as well as current geological knowledge, are likely to prove extremely conservative.

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Further exploration and higher prices will certainly, on the basis of present geological knowledge, yield further resources as present ones are used up.