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Ntp not updating cisco

If you use a country zone, please note that it may be because there is only one server known in the project - better use a continental zone in that case.You can browse the zones to see how many servers we have in each zone. Many servers are provided by volunteers, and almost all time servers are really file or mail or webservers which just happen to also run ntp.Hi, We are in the process of implementing some Cisco UCS systems.We using Cisco UCS blades B200-M1 (x5670, 48GB RAM)All seems to work fine except these few things, which I believe to be related. NTP syncronization is not happenning, or happening very slowly.2.

Initially I thought item 1 and 2 were not related, but then I remember reading somewhere the ESXi hosts need to have the same time in order for HA to work.And there's always the comp.ntp newsgroup.) At this point, I'd like to thank those donating their time and timeservers to this network.Setting the internal clock in a Cisco router allows timestamping of logging information which makes troubleshooting much easier.(bandwidth is not so important, but it should be stable and not too highly loaded), please consider donating your server to the server pool.It doesn't cost you more than a few hundred bytes per second traffic, but you help this project survive. , or if you know of a good timeserver near you, you should use that and not this list - you'll probably get better time and you'll use fewer network resources.

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Note, however, that the country zone might not exist for your country, or might contain only one or two timeservers.