Nikki reed and robert pattison dating Peeks cam chat

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Nikki reed and robert pattison dating

But once she split up with her former boyfriend, Robert and Kristen started dating. There has been rumors that Robert Pattinson has been seeing or having a fling with Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed from twilight but it is just a rumor.However Robert Pattinson has now admitted to dating Kristen Stewart, he has confirmed they are broken up and that it was stressful to be together, because of the paparazzi following there every move. Cody is actually dating Brandi reed Nikki Bella is dating Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella is dating John Cena (with Nikki and Brie, i´m not so sure i confuse those two all the time XD Well It Said In Star Magazine That Kristen Stewart, Bella and Nikki Reed, Rosalie Are Having A Cat-Fight Over Him.This is not true, Kristen has a boyfriend and these days everyone thinks just because people have been making a movie together doesn't mean they're together personally (just friends).Honestly the stars lifes are for them to worry about and not everybody else. it is not confirmed that they r dating but apperantly when they were making twilight they couldn't keep there hands of each other and that he dumped Nikki 2 ask Kristen out after falling in love with her when they did the on screen kiss but Kristen said no Nikki is a close friend and she said that she dosent want 2 be unpopular on set and that no one likes her because they have…"He often arrives late and leaves early in the morning, so we all know he's hooking up with one of them," a source tells Star magazine."He charges coffee to a suite on the ninth floor, where Nikki has a room," adds the source.In Vancouver to film the Twilight sequel New Moon, Robert Pattinson's been spending his evenings sneaking between two different hotel rooms - Kristen Stewart's and Nikki Reed's.Rob isn't staying at the same hotel (he's in a secret location to keep the crazed fans away) but he's been spending almost every night in the room of at least one of his co-stars.

During the bash, Nikki and Robert "spent much of the time talking to each other, heads bent close together," a source tells Lainey Gossip. But never showed." There hasn't been confirmation nor denial from Nikki or Robert regarding the dating claim.

Although anyone who has ever watched Friends that means that they won’t get back together for a long time. She publicly humiliated him and then he was like “oh that’s okay.” Soz if I was Robert Pattinson, I’d be like ERR HAVE YOU SEEN MY FACE?

I mean the boy is fine but that will only get you so far with me though.

If recent reports are to be believed, then Ian Somerhalder’s wife took a long time to forgive her “She learned how to get over it.

Once she married Paul [Mc Donald], she completely forgot about the whole thing, and now she’s with Ian who’s considered her soulmate.

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Nikki Reed is still addicted to smoking cigarettes, she never quit.

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