Nigeria scams and dating websites

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Nigeria scams and dating websites

 (That was 2,500 more reports than the previous year.) The states with the most victims were California, Florida, Texas, New York and Pennsylvania.Individual losses are higher than in other scams due to the nature of the crime, according to the FBI.

The problem with the romance scam is that the scammers take on other, more ordinary identities: businessman, contractor, soldier.“There can’t be a man this horrible, to do what he did to me,” she told FBI investigators.This heartache – and financial ruin – is all too common in romance scams, according to the FBI.The victim is often all too willing to believe him.A few have even accepted invitations to travel to Nigeria or another country, with frightening results. If you’re in an online relationship, take it slowly.

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“If someone is asking for money or professing their love to you before you’ve even met them, that should suggest this may be fraud,” says Eimiller.

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