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Nigeria christian dating

However, it later expanded to include Pentecostal churches as well.

In February 2006, while President of the organisation, Akinola issued a statement in response to Muslim violence against Christians, telling Muslims that they did not have a "monopoly on violence".

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In the Bama Hospital Camp, administered by the military as an aid site, women are often starved and raped by soldiers. Too often these atrocities are overlooked as a focus on regional security trumps human rights and religious freedom concerns.

People in the camp go without food and water, even though aid is pouring in from the U. Our relationship with Saudi Arabia offers another instructive case study.

Buhari’s government depends on the United States to a greater degree than the Saudis do, and therefore the State Department should have more leverage in Nigeria this week. However, there is no amount of money that can justify senseless loss of innocent life. This week, in Nigeria, an opportunity to stand up for religious liberty is right in front of us, and the Trump administration would be wrong not to take it.

In theory, Buhari’s administration will use the fighter jets to fight Boko Haram.

Despite its decreasing influence, Boko Haram is still embedded in the northeast, and still killing innocent people, including Christians.

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