Nick jonas dating actress selena gomez

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Nick jonas dating actress selena gomez

Could that be the mystery guy she was spotted leaning on?While there’s no confirming until she tells us or the pics hit the net, here’s to hoping the rumors are true! Her last public relationship was with Justin, while they were on again from October 2017 to February 2018.Together they recorded their hit duet, “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” Though they never admitted it at the time, Charlie sort of confirmed the fling in a .

The Weeknd alluded to details of his and Selena’s relationship in his album, In October 2016, rumors swirled that Selena and Charlie Puth were becoming a thing.It lasted 10 months, but eventually ended in October 2017.According to The Cheat Sheet, a source revealed it was because the two couldn’t find time to spend with each other, due to their conflicting schedules.While Justin Bieber may or may not be hung up on old photos of him and Selena, it seems like Selena is ready to master the art of moving on.Here’s everything you need to know about Selena Gomez’s love life so far…

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One possibility is the mystery guy who Selena was spotted with in Disneyland in May.