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Now you can download it for free.https://io/ikimono-high-the-visual-novel-full-game I think my journey as Kolton Kennedy is ending.I don't feel like it anymore and I've been inactive for so long.Like it or not, today's marketplace of games – embodied by platforms like Itchio and Steam – owes a lot to Newgrounds, even if modern gamedom isn't exactly chomping at the bit to acknowledge its debt.And few know all this better than Tom Fulp himself.Hello fellow Newgroundsmen :) My name is Frank and I run will be releasing new games on a constant basis. I will try to upload some of my games to newgrounds aswell. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments about the games or my website.This is our tribute to Zone, who gave us something great over a decade ago. This project took a bit longer than we'd hoped, but the quality we wound up with was well worth it!

If you are a Patreon supporter let me know and what discount you fall under.Wanted to make my tier more interesting, as there wasn't much substance to it to start with.So, I've decided to offer free bust slots for those who pledge this tier!Marie Kanker: I've begun working on the POV blowjob scene (as voted by Patrons last month). I will have an animated preview available when I get enough of it done!Summer's Birthday: This month's poll is regarding a new main for Summer's Birthday.

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I used a new technique in the animations to make everything look traditionally (frame-by-frame) animated, instead of my usual puppet animation.