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Today we released the next update of the game, currently only for our patrons. Here's a quick review what was modified in this version.Added: -2 locations with music and 2 human girls (1 image and 1 animation each).We could have more than one winner this time, so go go go snag that porntastic prize!I have finished the Demo of Dating Minato II~ As you guys might remember from the Kakashi game demo, my demo's are generally the first chapter of my games... THE DEMO The demo is a simplified version of chapter one of the full game. The next GWL game is in production, so it's time to find out which smexy OC will feature in an animated scene!Head on over to Patreon and check the tier reward.

As I finish UMCH I also took the opportunity to make separate chapters in the process that I plan to upload here.https:// It has early access to game projects, discord, voting, game perks, animations from my current games, and more.Momo Iro Software is taking the best of eastern and western adult game development and combining them into one studio.I start out with 15 intelligence7 charmand1 strength I think. You know, I was expecting that someone would say something like that. I then did a lot ofearning cash and then once i got a lot of that i then studying untill i ran out of cash and then i promoted and then i working and then when i had 20 energy left i went to the bar a dranki kept doing this until i had enough money to do approx 3 days worth of studying and then promotedthen i kept doing that until i wasfully promoted and full intelligenceand then i started doing working out untill i had 150 strength then i went to max charm and then got a lot of some info about nene!! he was a wuss anyways, ahh well, does anyone else know any games like this??? OK, here is a challenge for all you game makers: make a game in which a girl (therefore me) will need to get the guy out on a date. There was this game ( where you have to seduce a guy.

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Dibujante e ilustrador español que trabaja fanart, pin-up, NSFW y SFW, trabajo tanto el formato digital como el formato físico con copics.