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Ranging from early Native American findings to historical archaeological sites from World War II, these sites showcase the depth of American history through the archaeological record.The history and beauty of North America found through archaeology is an excellent way to acknowledge and celebrate the peoples that have been here since before the European invasion.

It features Monks Mound in the center of the city, which was likely the residence of a tribal chief or a religious temple. Mounds containing material culture including engraved shells and effigy pipes, some made from materials not found in Oklahoma, indicated an advanced trading system.Likewise, the findings from colonization and onward provide a glimpse into the difficult, complicated history that has developed over the centuries.Starting with Paleoindian findings and working our way to World War II, these sites are some of the most fascinating, and mysterious archaeological wonders in the United States.Fascinating information regarding the battles of the Revolutionary War and the individuals involved, including General George Washington’s involvement of Native Americans in the fight, make this a multifaceted educational experience. Great Dismal Swamp This swampland, found in Virginia and North Carolina, is a haunting, heartbreaking, and important site of North American archaeology.Marking the location of the Continental Army’s encampment during the Revolutionary War, thousands of people visit Valley Forge annually. It is believed to have once been a hidden community for African American slaves leading up to the Civil War in 1861 and Native Americans seeking refuge from slave masters and European colonizers. Dan Sayer, the historical archaeologist who spearheaded excavations in the swamp, found many artifacts including the remains of cabins that he dated with the use of optically stimulated luminescence (OSL). Pearl Harbor, Hawaii The archaeological remains at the Pearl Harbor naval base serve not only as a great example of historic archaeology, but also of underwater archaeology.

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In one spot you will find a Kiva, a religious ceremonial structure of the Pueblos, while a Spanish colonial church structure dating much later sits just a few feet away. 1610, San Miguel is the oldest church structure in the United States. Salem, Massachusetts Just north of Boston in the state of Massachusetts lies one of the most mysterious sites in North American historic archaeology.