Network problem validating identity

Posted by / 28-Jul-2020 23:23

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Strong authentication factors help build a circle of trusted identities, but the perimeter needs layers of trust.

Durand said identity will be the catalyst of the digital transformation across all industry verticals.Digital identity becomes the doorman, determining access to data and network infrastructure.Hence, identity is the new perimeter — or, at least, the newest layer of the perimeter.But the calls that come from a known identity, such as a number from your contact list, get a positive response. We must be able to verify trust in the identity before we allow it into our access perimeter. Your IT team should be able to validate known identities and their levels of access.Your security team should be able to spot higher risk identities trying to penetrate.

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The problem is threat actors are very good at tricking us into handing over our digital identities.

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