Myths about dating

Posted by / 15-Jul-2020 21:01

Who you spend the rest of your life with is a BIG DEAL and we are absolutely allowed to have preferences be it looks, an education level, a background, a personality trait, etc.

Some preferences of course should be given more weight than others but that is up to the discretion of the person.

Many people do get rejected due to their “look.” So how can this actually be a myth?

We want to be realistic and know the statistics of what is possible.

Your job is to find someone whom you value both inside and out.

But the inside absolutely matters more in a relationship. “If you’re not feeling a pull right away you never will, so it’s best to walk away quickly.” I also used to believe this.

Or until you see a roll of their eyes which shows their lack of patience or understanding. How many happily married people do you know who you consider to be not good-looking?

This sounds like a funny thing to say, but if the physical appearance mattered more than inside, then only the best-looking people would be in relationships. Looks, or the ability to resolve conflict, the desire to give, patience, respect, loyalty and love?

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Trial and error, and a dose of patience, is best to get it right. If you have someone wonderful, it’s worth exploring to see if there is something beyond your initial impression. When you consider someone, look at your needs list first.