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Because application calculates the summary task values, they cannot be edited. To indent a task, go to menu Task-Indent or drag and drop with mouse from Task Name column. To Indent a task with the mouse, point to the first letter of the task name.If you need to change a summary task's values, such as duration, update the individual subtasks. When the pointer changes to a double-headed arrow, drag right to indent.Microsoft Project does not have a field to calculate the total durations for a set of tasks.However this can be easily accomplished by creating a custom field.

Although assignments may be shown or hidden along with subtasks, they cannot be indented or outdented.3.

Although some summary task values (such as cost and work) represent the total subtask values, others (such as duration and baseline) do not.

For example, application calculates the duration of a summary task as the total work time between the earliest start date and the latest finish date of its subtasks.

You can use the summary tasks to show the major phases and sub-phases in the project.

Summary tasks summarize the data of their subtasks, which are the tasks that are grouped beneath them.

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You can indent the tasks as many levels as you need to reflect the organization of your project. Tasks can be organized using a top-down method or bottom-up method.