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The exhibitors that have represented the pavilion are: Despite the cost to the third world country, Tuvalu decided to develop its first national pavilion in 2013 to highlight the negative effects of global warming on the nation, which is forecast to be one of the first countries to disappear due to sea level rise caused by climate change.

List of exhibitors in the Central Asia Pavilion: Biennale organizers had reportedly invited the country in past years, but the government had declined, a decision attributed to a lack of communication between the culture ministry and the country's National Gallery of Modern Art.

Any administrative or political post, any commercial or professional activity, lucrative activity or involvement in the management of companies, and anything that might tarnish the reputation of the judiciary.

Teaching and research are authorised subject to this condition.

Scientific work, teaching and literary and artistic activities are allowed, as is work as a political adviser, if they do not undermine the dignity of the judiciary and the confidence it should inspire.

Idea of the separation of powers: no administrative activity (except in the court, research and teaching); may belong to a political party and stand for election as member of parliament: if elected, is suspended from duties as a judge; advisory and conciliation activities prohibited No job or public or private office except as member of parliament or of a charitable organisation, no commercial, industrial or professional activity.

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The second pavilion was organized by Yulia Sorokina (Almaty) and the third by Beral Madra (Istanbul).