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Monotheistic religions predating judaism

The hand case, as shown in the image above, is wrapped around the arm, hands, and fingers, whereas the head case is placed over the forehead with the straps around the head that hang down the shoulders.

They believe that those who follow God and His commandments are the ones who will be rewarded, and those who don't, will be punished. As the Christians took the Cross as their representative symbol, the Jews chose the Star of David to represent their community.

In some Jewish denominations, women may wear it too.

The tallit should be long enough to be worn over the shoulders, and not just wrapped around as a scarf on the neck. Oftentimes, the words of blessings are inscribed on the tallit, on the part that covers the neck.

A study done by Jewish acupuncturist, , a kippah is a small skullcap worn by the Jews; however, in Orthodox synagogues, only males wear it.

The head is covered as a sign of humility and the acknowledgment of God as the supreme power.

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This is the reason why it is forbidden to take the tallit inside the bathroom because of its holy symbolism and the sacred writings inscribed on it.