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The discussion about Khadijah’s age does not arouse the type of defensiveness and imaginative apologetics that surrounds the discussion of Aisha’s age.

Nobody denies that Khadijah married Muhammad as a very willing adult.

But Hakim’s ability to recite details that were already common knowledge does not prove he was an eyewitness to the event: he might well have heard the story from his parents.

Hakim’s remarks about Khadijah’s age might have served a similar function of supporting his personal boasts rather than relaying accurate history.

The Gregorian calendar did not exist in Muhammad’s day, so reporting dates in Gregorian style is an anachronism.

However, it will be convenient to compare Muhammad’s calendar with the Gregorian calendar, which is internationally the most widely accepted and used civil calendar.

According to the calculator, his birthdate of 12 Rabi-Awwal 53 BH is equivalent to the Gregorian date 26 April 571.But all his wives were elderly ladies or widows except [Aisha and Mariyah].If the aim had been seeking sexual pleasures, he would have done so in his youth and would have married young maidens, not aged widows.A further complication is that nobody is certain that the pre-Hijri year was exactly the same as the Muslim year that was standardised after the Hijra.However, Muhammad complained about the custom of adding an intercalary month, which was probably a Medinan practice introduced by the Jews.

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