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Either way, I say it’s time to move on and start dating other people.You’re not being mean – you’re doing it for their benefit, too.Allowing yourself to be repeatedly drawn in and then repelled by an on-again-off-again partner will mess with your mind and your self-esteem.Boundaries are important, and a wise person steps away when their emotional health is threatened.They may, in short, be unable to make genuine, healthy attachments, so when they get close to someone, they shy away.Another possibility is that they just aren’t that interested in you and are hedging their bets in case someone better comes along, holding you as Plan B (hot tip: never be someone’s Plan B).Then you can avoid leaving a trail of hurt and insecure people in your wake – and give yourself a chance of real happiness, too.

then he’ll withdraw and say he’s not ready for a relationship… it can make you doubt your judgement, question what you’ve done wrong, and even wonder whether you’re losing the plot. Well, blowing hot and cold is often a sign that someone is ‘emotionally unavailable’.

If someone is interested in you and is capable of a healthy relationship, they won’t be sending you mixed messages.

When a budding romance becomes a source of stress instead of joy, I believe it’s time to draw a line under it.

I think we can all be sympathetic to a person’s insecurities and hang-ups – who among us hasn’t acquired some baggage along the way?

However, that doesn’t mean we should let ourselves be dragged down by someone else’s toxic patterns.

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