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"This is alarming," Galloway said, adding that she hopes the report will spur quick action by local police agencies."Without accountability public safety can be compromised," she said.And the sheer size of Missouri's registry seems to have overwhelmed the system.According to an audit released yesterday, the state cannot account for 1,259 sex offenders.While the state allows certain offenders to petition for release, only 175 people have successfully been removed since 2007.

In reality, though, the subject of sex offender recidivism is contentious, and even U. Supreme Court decisions on the matter have been called into question for relying on shoddy (or nonexistent) evidence.But the long tenure of Missouri's one-size-fits-all registry has left a legacy of problems.Missouri's sex offender registry was created in 1995, and it now contains more than 15,000 names.Until very recently, Missouri's sex-offender registry functioned like a factory with a single product.Regardless of the crime they'd committed, the state treated everyone on it like a potential predator, placing thousands of people on a single lifetime registry with strict 90-day check-ins, residency restrictions and virtually no chance of removal.

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The remainder, the audit charges, have been left alone in violation of state law, unchecked and unrestricted.