Millionaire bachelors dating Mobile sexy chating site list

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Millionaire bachelors dating

Bona fide old money, the prince owns premium real estate, valuable works of art and swathes of land in Germany.Pavel Durov, the Russian co-founder of the popular Telegram Messenger app, has something of a playboy lifestyle and lives in exile in the Caribbean paradise of Saint Kitts and Nevis.Likewise, Patrick Collision is unattached right now.Like his hard-grafting brother, the online payments whizz is all work and no play.Despite rumors of model girlfriends, the so-called "Mark Zuckerberg of Russia" appears to be single at present.

Married to his work, John barely has time to socialize and is currently single.Controversial Christoph Blocher of Switzerland offloaded his shares of EMS-Chemie onto his children over 10 years ago in order to pursue a political career.In doing so Rahel, one of his three daughters, is now the richest female singleton on the planet, with a massive stake of the plastics and chemicals giant firmly in her grasp and no partner, at present, to share it with.“Our dating lives are about as interesting as our downtime,” Patrick told The Times last year.“There's not a whole lot happening.” Yoshikazu Tanaka is Japan's most eligible bachelor.

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From self-made entrepreneurs to pampered heirs, we reveal the most eligible billionaires on the planet. Billionaires without a significant other are few and far between.

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