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In addition to all of this wackiness, they guy's actually a pretty good football coach. " Rant:"I'm I'm 47, I still haven't made man"On players fighting in practice:"If you get into a fight, don't take your helmet off...

So I've taken the liberty of compiling a list of some of my favorite Mike Leach quotes, I hope you enjoy the laughs... We're looking for smart football players, not dumb ones. We've just got to clean it up the next time around."More on the New Mexico game:"Correct me if I'm wrong, but this was an upset wasn't it?

Friday, April 19, at The Spark: Academic Innovation Hub. Registration confirmation and photo ID will be required at the door.

No registration is required for watching the livestream, which can be accessed at closer to the seminar date.

On Monday, Leach held his weekly press conference in the lead up to the team's game with 11th-ranked Oregon this week. It’s come to down to whoever is willing to slug it out in the end. They have a lot of team speed flashing around there." Leach was also complimentary of Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert.

When the questions turned to Oregon, the Cougar coach said this year's team, despite being coached by a third different coach in as many years, offered similarities to what he's seen from Duck teams during his eight years in the Pac-12 conference. Herbert ranks second behind WSU's Gardner Minshew (403.7 to 268.8) among Pac-12 passers in passing yards per game and first in pass efficiency (171.2).

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The seminar series, developed by Leach and former state Sen.

Michael Baumgartner, was launched in March as a non-credit evening seminar for interested WSU Pullman students.

Leach, the first WSU football coach to be named National Coach of the Year, quickly drew national attention when plans for the seminar were announced, teaming up up with Baumgartner to design and help teach the series.

Leach didn't seem to have an answer for how Herbert projected as an NFL player either.

“As a far as draft picks, there’s a lot of irrational behavior that exists in the NFL with regards to drafting quarterbacks," he explained.

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"Nearly every team has drafted a quarterback in the first round, but almost none of them have a starter that’s a first round pick.