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Meet sex friends with no credit card

"Especially in the low-credit space, a lot can change in six months." If you've got good credit and you're getting a lot of offers for rewards cards, your chances of getting approved are much greater -- more like 95 percent, because people in that range are less prone to making mistakes like late payments.

Rather than getting outright rejected for the card, Ulzheimer says it's likely they'll just approve you for a card with terms that aren't as great as you expected.

But just because we see them all the time doesn't mean we know exactly what we're dealing with. Most people understand that when you apply for a credit card, mortgage or other loan, the potential lender will check your credit score to see if you qualify.

Here are some facts you need to know about those pre-approved credit card offers filling up your mailbox. And that inquiry will temporarily lower your score.

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"If you look at the low-end cards [for people with poor credit], as low as 80 percent of people who are pre-approved actually get approved," says Greg Lull of Credit Karma.

By contrast, if you're responding to a pre-approved offer, you already know that you've got a good chance of getting approved.

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Many of those letters will give you a range of interest rates and credit limits for which you're pre-approved, and your actual credit score will determine where you fall on that spectrum.

So what if you apply for one of these pre-approved offers, and then get a card with worse terms -- say, a higher interest rate or a restrictive credit limit?

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So if an offer is "pre-approved," does that mean they've done an inquiry and hurt your credit?

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