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6 The Mc Gill Daily - August 31, 1999 - Commentary ^he'Mc G ill. ly Volume 89 Number 5 Eiuunt) of Tim * W » trail M . QPIRG's campaign cited unediical labour practices, including low wages dial leave the industries 20 million employees worldwide, namely pickers in Soudi and Central America and Africa far below regional poverty lines, in die name of profits for die coffee giants.

Fair trade, a stamp placed on coffee from producers with clean human rights records, will lake root in the cafeterias this year, fol- lowing dime years of pressure from QPIRG.

firur Aujn IWm- délit français: Ji ucn Lvuntt business manager. Ihiata Iki l/ittn t Tn*i|in JMn\i Silmif twsiii: Beverage Briefs Pick your poison: Coke signs on, Coffee gets ethical, and there's something funny in the water SSMU MUM ON TERMS OF COKE EXCLU- SIVITY DEAL Dollar amounts and conditions of the Students’ Society's new deal with Coke remain undisclosed after SSMU signed a letter of intent and made its 1 1-year com- mitment last week to go with Coke after months of negotiations with both the cola giant and its rival Pc|si.

Legault said tlie drision was also sup- ixxled by die SSMU and found its way inlodieir contract objectiveswlicn the new tender went ou L The campaign began three years ago, then targetting A. The SSMU cafeteria deal followed deals with the Thompson House and Architecture cafeterias.

He implied that Royal Bank "was a culprit in Canada's student délit crisis," which means that more students took stu- dent loans out of Royal Bank than any other Canadian bank, so?

Did anyone force dicse students to borrow money from Royal Bank?

I believe after the 10 years, we're supposed to return any extra funds on a pro-rata basis.” The Millennium Foundation will set up two different awards.

SSMU pointed to the revenue which live deal will create, over half of wtiich will go to the university, while tlx rest will be shared ;unong the faculty student associations.

No information was available on dx nature of dx conbuninadon.

Letter to the Editor I know that the Mc Gill Daily is a biased left-wing publication, and at least this paper has a consilent philosophy running through all of its articles.

(opposite bronfman bldg) Arts Undergraduate Society of Mc Gill University . career fair get ready for the job search caps Career | And • Placement Service wv\ i I rr Scholarship Fund Raises High Hopes Amid Controversy Quebec students will not receive their money alongside other Canadians by Jennifer Liao students, who can say that spending such an amount of public funds to help students represents a public relations initiative?

" Unaccountable The CFS is also concerned with the idea of public funds king managed privately.

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In the future, if you are going to make attacks against big cor- ixirations, at least justify your argument.