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There was a time when I’d pick up a matchbook or two or three from the counter at every restaurant, night club or café I’d go to.

I didn’t smoke but I “collected” them anyway, putting them away in a jar just in case I needed to strike a match.

All information published on our website are for reference only.That jar of covers disappeared years ago, although I do keep at least one pack with my stash of candles and flashlights for emergency blackouts in my neighborhood.I never thought of my hoard as a collection, but apparently a lot of people do more than just take a few home as souvenirs. That’s what I found recently on the auction table – a binder of matchbooks in plastic sleeves, page after page of them.The Charles Lindbergh matchbook from June 14, 1927 was said to be among the most popular.One site listed Black people as a category, so I was intrigued and Googled to see what I could find.

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