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Maryloubell97 datingpoint org

I think the article we have non Aristotle was written by a non-scientists.

RK As for the position that science is a religion, that is only a recent ad homenin attack by religious fundamentalists who are fearful of science.

Does anybody feel confident they know about the topic to be able to fix it, or should I get out the chainsaw? The Scientific Revolution is a oft-used term by historians of science, and not nonsense as the writer of this atricle wishes us to believe. He wrote about subjects that were later investigated with the scientific method.

Thus, Aristotle set the stage for what would eventually develop into the scientific method centuries later. Aristotle did not in any way practice what we moderns call science!

I thought it was a rather tangential point, myself - better suited to science and religion or some similar article.

Martin I applaud RK's counter-revisionist efforts in the matter of literary criticism, though I'm not sure "socialist" (cf his change summary) is quite the right epithet.

An old-fashioned way of describing Galileo's work would be that he did experiments and developed mathematical theory to account for them.

Is the statement I've quoted any more than an attempt to make him sound bad, as if he claimed mathematical certainty for experimental data?

You'll see lot possibilities of notoriety stars and websites in this demonstrative.

Thus experiments do not help you to understand nature.

The change from this view to the experimental tradition was one of the major developments of the scientific revolution, as I described.

It is also used by people who, quitre literally, have no idea what the word means.

Science is the opposite of religion; science is a method, and not a position.

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