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Under the Sultanate of Malacca the language evolved into a form recognisable to speakers of modern Malay.When the court moved to establish the Johor Sultanate, it continued using the classical language; it has become so associated with Dutch Riau and British Johor that it is often assumed that the Malay of Riau is close to the classical language.The earliest surviving manuscript in Malay is the Tanjung Tanah Law in post-Pallava letters.

Sanskrit loanwords can be found in Old Malay vocabulary.

Batenburg on November 29, 1920 at Kedukan Bukit, South Sumatra, on the banks of the Tatang, a tributary of the Musi River.

It is a small stone of 45 by 80 centimetres (18 by 31 in).

The laws were for the Minangkabau people, who today still live in the highlands of Sumatra.

The Malay language came into widespread use as the lingua franca of the Malacca Sultanate (1402–1511).

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