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We’d already decided we wanted to live somewhere within the EU, so we started to make a list of places where we knew people, as well as some major digital nomad hubs.This helped us narrow it down to a few places: Lisbon; Granada, Barcelona, or Madrid; Berlin; Vienna; Amsterdam; Budapest; Bucharest.I didn’t want this to happen in the country I chose for my home, so our first rule was that both Dave and I would have to be able to legally live and work there.I love Bangkok and Saigon and Taipei, and many places in Mexico, for example, but if we moved there, we’d be living from tourist visa to tourist visa, never knowing if we’d be let back into the country when we left.I thought I’d follow the gap year rite of passage for 12 months, have the time of my life, then head home to rejoin the real world.Unexpectedly, several months into this adventure, I turned this little travel blog into a business, began to make money from it, and realised that I didn’t have to ever go home. I travelled and I travelled and I saw some incredible sights and I met some incredible people. Continuous travel, it turned out, was not sustainable for me. Somewhere familiar to return to to decompress after trips.

I made the decision to find a home base three years ago, but it actually took me two years to find the perfect place. I’d travelled for so long and fallen in love with so many places, that I simply couldn’t choose just one.That, combined with low blood pressure and poor circulation, makes low temperatures painful for my extremities, and leaves me spending most of my days beneath blankets.If I had the opportunity to choose where to live, I was going to prioritise somewhere warm.That knocked out the big cities in Australia, New Zealand, and the U. Pricey Scandinavian countries were off the cards, too, and so were more expensive countries in Western Europe, like Switzerland.Dave is an extrovert who loses his mind if he doesn’t have friends to hang out with.

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