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Well then I guess that's it, thank god you didn't make female characters who have no succubus-adjacent lore seem slutty or wear skimpy clothing. At this point though I would like to focus specifically on Janna , Miss Fortune and Nidalee because I'm sitting here reading their little Bios and nowhere does it indicate a reason that Janna is in her bra and panties, you already know why Miss Fortune in there and why Nidalee is also wearing basically nothing and even her skins are almost nothing, the Pharaoh one is completely wrong and inaccurate to what female Pharaohs actually wore and then there's french maid.

These three are picked out not only for the skimpy looks but also in game the voicelines and dances all indicate that these women are horny. please hit Ctrl 3 on Janna and Nid and describe the dance with using the word "pole".

Yes, women that'd seem to be using the app to cut out the bullshit, and shortcut straight to that wonderful animalistic desire that aggressively occupies us all (almost all the time)...

This was already posted elsewhere but I feel it fits better here.

The way Ahri looks makes a ton of sense for a succubus.” On the subject of femme fatales, Evelynn is scheduled to receive a rework this year.

Riot Games wants to solidify her as the assassin she was meant to be.

“The key is the character’s looks HAVE TO MAKE SENSE,” explained the developer.

There is Miss Fortune, Morgana, Ahri, Syndra, Elise, Katarina, Ashe, Janna, Sona, and more.

Riot Games believes that it is time to end the hiatus and make another female champion that forces jaws to drop.

League of Legends World Championship 2016 is coming soon to North America.

Whether you are a fan of popular cosplay costumes or unusual Halloween ones such as sexy corpse bride costume, we all can agree that league of legends costumes are stunning, especially in combination with such beautiful and talented female artists.

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