Local single woman no credit card sign up heidi montag dating

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Local single woman no credit card sign up

In other states, you may have to bring additional documentation – such as a utility bill or bank statement – reflecting your married name.

(By now, you should have at least one bill or bank statement with your new name.) Here are the marriage laws by state, along with county clerk offices’ telephone numbers, in case you have any questions.5.

If you are a man who is changing his name after marriage, however, you may have to hire a lawyer, as some states require a court hearing, petitions and fees before a man is allowed to adopt his wife’s last name.

Contact your county’s department of public safety or county courthouse to find out if your state allows a name change for men after marriage without legal wrangling.2.

If you use direct deposit, be sure to inform your employer of your new name.For example, three issuers surveyed by Credit – Discover, Navy Federal Credit Union and Macy’s – give newly married cardholders two options: Call your card’s customer service number or visit your online card account and submit a request there.Other issuers, such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America, require cardholders to physically bring their photo ID and marriage license to a bank branch.However, getting married and changing your name doesn’t automatically join those accounts.Most issuers won’t merge accounts simply because you get married, but they do offer the opportunity to cancel one card and add the spouse as an authorized user on another card.

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