Live girls greece

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Live girls greece

After they reached puberty at the ages of twelve or thirteen, girls were considered adults and their fathers arranged their marriages.Often these marriages were to men in their thirties.

Other city-states required boys to join the army when they reached the age of eighteen. Each student used a stylus to write on a wooden tablet that was covered in soft wax.Mothers and wet nurses breast fed the children and sometimes they were fed from pottery feeding bottles too.The women and children generally lived upstairs in the women’s quarters, called the Gynaikon or Gynaikonitis.There weren’t any words in the language of the ancient Greeks that had the same meaning as the word “family.” The closest word to family is the word “oikos,” which means household.Oikos means everything that is domestic and includes slaves and servants as well as the members of the family and their household items. All the women of the household would be present to ensure the labor was smooth and there may have been a female midwife as well.

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Evidence from vase paintings shows that children slept in cradles that were made of wood or wickerwood.