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List of boundaries in dating

Setting healthy boundaries can have many benefits, including helping people make decisions based on what is best them, not just the people around them. In the context of recovering from substance abuse, self-care can include “meaningful connection with recovery support and children, taking care of physical health, maintaining spirituality, healthy eating, exercise, journaling, continuing education, staying busy, sponsorship, establishing boundaries, self-monitoring, abstinence, and dealing with destructive emotions” (Raynor et al., 2017).

Self-care, which can include setting boundaries, is an important part of leading a mentally healthy life.

More generally, the consequences of not setting healthy boundaries often include “stress, financial burdens, wasted time, and relationship issues, which can cause mental distress” (Prism Health North Texas, n.d.).

Boundaries can be physical or emotional, and they can range from being loose to rigid, with healthy boundaries often falling somewhere in between.While boundaries are often psychological or emotional, boundaries can also be physical.For example, declining physical contact from a coworker is setting an important boundary, one that’s just as crucial as setting an emotional boundary, i.e., asking that same coworker not to make unreasonable demands on your time or emotions.Another setting in which healthy boundaries are crucial is in a romantic partnership.One example would be a person asking their partner for one night each week alone, as opposed to seeing each other daily.

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People can also set boundaries with their friends—even well-meaning ones.

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