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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Lisa Raye, Al Sharpton rumors not true, says Lisa Raye's publicist about Al Sharpton dating stories Lisa Raye, Al Sharpton rumors not true, says Lisa Raye's publicist about Al Sharpton dating stories to get in good with politics saying that they are absolutely not true.

Promising "to pursue all legal remedies" if the story appeared, the letter spelled out what it said was "a false allegation" involving Sharpton's wife of 23 years, Kathy Sharpton, noting that the had "been informed" of this allegation by "several individuals." Then it warned that publishing "any story which talks about false allegations of Rev. Sharpton would demonstrate your actionable malice towards Rev.

Sharpton."Yes, Al Sharpton tried to smear his own wife to throw the Village Voice off the scent of a story involving Sharpton's purported lustful liaisons with a staffer.

Shameful Now that i've finally read the entire post EXCELLENT POINTS! You always seem to question those things that I overlook. I lost respect for Al beginning earlier this decade, when Village Voice printed up some information about his shady dealings and cheating on his wife. Stick a fork in me because I'm DONE with both of them. Al promoting education with a right winger like Newt? :( :( I thought homegirl could do better than Al Sharpton, even if the ballers weren't calling anymore.

Just let that image marinate in your mind for just a moment. Al likely wants you to think that the rumors are true. All the while smiling in Jesse's face pretending to be on his team. I couldn't see any sane woman expecting love respect and protection getting involved with a man like him. Go read any number of blogs you have access to or skip Fridays. You can send me email links as other readers do regularly, but I choose what I want to post about. You have to wonder what's happened or changed since then. :)Also regarding education issues, Arne Duncan is Secretary of Education, BUT HAS NEVER TAUGHT SCHOOL, NEVER BEEN A TEACHER, TEACHER'S AIDE SCHOOL CROSSING GUARD OR PRINCIPAL EVER IN LIFE. As a matter of fact, in Chicago and someplace in California (I apologize, I don't remember where), due to these "education policies", there are lawsuits pending 'cause mostly Black, experienced teachers are being fired while much younger, inexperienced White teachers are being brought in.

What I find most interesting is the fact that people are attempting to determine whether the rampant speculation is true or not. If he didn't, TRUST ME, his henchwomen at the National Action Network don't have any problem sending angry messages to bloggers from their Blackberry. Furthermore, I couldn't see being his friend or even an associate. So now a group of you, some of which have already gotten the boot seem to think you can be the managing editor of what is basically an UNPAID HOBBY. If I want to laugh and something idiotic on a Friday after a week of horrid news, that's my right. You don't have the right to tell me what to post about. We need more investigative articles like this about all of these supposed "political" organizations (on all political sides/of all races) --seems like they are nothing more than a cult of personality, law breaking and womanizing/adultery under the guise of a cause and some dude. School property and other public property worth $$$ of dollars are being sold at way too low prices to developers, thereby contributing to a continued lack of resources for our cities.

Here’s what we know: A few weeks ago our source (a MAJOR publicist in the industry who shall remain nameless) told us that Al and Lisa Raye–both barely divorced–are indeed together now. She’s also starved for media attention–surprise surprise–so Al is her “In” into that world.

And Al–well he’s just happy to say he can have a chick that looks like Lisa Raye on his arm and whose perm looks better than his.

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The two have been confusingly spotted at a few events together like the NAACP Image Awards and Michael Jackson’s memorial services…

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