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It can even help you figure if there is any value in selling the assets in the first place, and/or which items in particular have sufficient value to justify taking the time and energy to sell.

Be sure to include items such as intellectual property, contracts, or trade secrets.

Again, a liquidation professional may be helpful in determining how best to coordinate selling your items.

Obtain an Appraisal of the Assets If you think the overall value of your assets merits the cost, obtain an appraisal of your items. This can happen for a variety of reasons -- retirement, changing career path, or a poor performing business.If you are not able to sell your business and other succession strategies have failed, liquidating the assets may be the only remaining option.Revisit your evaluation of whether the sale makes sense in light of the appraised value and what the costs of selling them will be.Coordinate the Logistics of Your Sale How you sell your items will likely depend on the nature of the items.

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