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Chapter 11 bankruptcy is distinguished from consumer bankruptcy by the immediate supplemental filings of what are termed “first day motions.” Upon filing a Chapter 11, an operating business requires court approval to continue business operations.For example, immediate approval is needed to pay current employees and to authorize payment of wages that accrued prior to the filing.However, if the owner has been implicated in fraud or gross mismanagement, the owner will most likely not remain in charge.Chapter 11 permits a bankrupt business to pay the owner a reasonable salary subject to court approval.The court will look at how much the debtor was paying the owners prior to filing.If the owner has not been taking a salary prior to filing, the Court will probably not allow a salary to be paid after the bankruptcy filing.Chapter 11 is designed to give a business the chance to restructure some of its secured debt and to discount unsecured debt to a level where the business can grow out of financial distress.An individual debtor can also file Chapter 11 to reorganize their personal financial situation when their debt levels exceed those allowed for a Chapter 13 reorganization.

If a creditor has a lien on the debtor’s cash in the banks, the court would typically authorize the debtor to use the cash for operations.In a Chapter 13 reorganization for individuals, there is a general rule that all payments have to be paid to the Chapter 13 trustee through the plan.Once a Chapter 11 plan is approved, the debtor takes the role of supervising the business and is responsible for paying the creditors directly in accordance with a plan.If the business does not generate enough money to pay its bills, the court will probably not allow the owner to take payments or to accrue wages.After the bankruptcy filing, if the business does not generate enough money to pay all of its post‑filing debt with some left over, the owner’s wages will be forfeited and not paid in future months even if money is available.

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Some first day motions will be heard before some creditors have notice.