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When I got stuck on 999, Match told me their developers never thought to allow another decimal on the blocking-counters — no one had ever hit it before I did.

Pathetic that online dating — a three-billion dollar/year industry — rolls with doofy 1960’s based algorithms, while at the same time AI disrupts major industries and enables life-changing technology.

Sites like squeak out only twenty or thirty “bagels,” each day to choose from.

I once tried this process of elimination by blocking the profiles on Match that I wished not to see again, please. You can even unblock them if and when you decide to lower your standards.

Online males — frustrated or too lazy to read profiles — cluster-bomb 100s of women they’ve barely looked at: if you throw manure at a barnwall all day, eventually some of its got to stick, right?

I don’t always blame them because the non-swipe, or ‘relationship,’ platforms have become ridiculously difficult for them to navigate and operate amongst squirelish and reluctant women’s attentions — besides, they’ve poisoned water, and because of recent awareness and media reports of chronic celebrity rapists, like R.

Early developers touted their rate of efficacy over their competitors, as the Atlantic reported of the early platforms: The ad, promoting a dating service called Compatibility, strains to build credibility for the company, emphasizing its size, ethics, and the power of the service’s computers (“The IBM 360/40 Computers that are used for us, we are told, will do more in an hour than a highly qualified individual can do in a year”) …

encourages you to join “Britain’s most sophisticated and successful computer dating service” to “meet your kind of people.” Naturally, these services wanted to give an impression of exclusivity, some pretense that they “try to weed out the obvious social misfits” as the LIFE ad assured.

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No one wants to show up and find their date grotesque, after all.

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