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If compatibility across browsers is crucial, be sure to read the next sectionwhich shows you how to lazy load images using less performant but more compatible!

Intersection observer is easier to use and read than code relying on various event handlers, because developers only need to register an observer to watch elements rather than writing tedious element visibility detection code.

An example of image lazy loading can be found on the popular publishing platform Mediumwhich loads lightweight placeholder images at page load, and replaces them with lazily-loaded images as they're scrolled into the viewport. A placeholder image is loaded at page load leftand when scrolled into the viewport, the final image loads at the time of need.

If you're unfamiliar with lazy loading, you might be wondering just how useful the technique is, and what its benefits are. Why lazy load images or video instead of just loading them?

You'll need to polyfill browsers that don't support it, or as the above code suggests, detect if it's available and subsequently fall back to older, more compatible methods. Dont give these scumbags your credit card info, keep it safe!

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Apply to Web Developer () Jobs in Bangalore at Alphabeta financial services.Because it's possible you're loading stuff the user may never see.This is problematic for a couple reasons: On unmetered connections, this isn't the worst thing that could happen although you could be using that precious bandwidth for downloading other resources that are indeed going to be seen by the user.While this approach is the most compatible across browsers, modern browsers offer a more performant and efficient way to do the work of checking element visibility via the intersection observer API.Intersection observer is not supported in all browsers.

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All that's left to do for the developer is to decide what to do when an element is visible.