Kerio updating problems

Posted by / 04-Jan-2020 05:46

Kerio updating problems

This is one of the projects that we have in progress.Mainly to distribute some services on the cloud and to make that a…Also, 9-th thunderbird has no problems with LDAPS too.

See Bug 723551 for more information and workarounds" Please make clear to the users that upgrade to this patch 2 DID NOT fix the LDAPS issues in TB 10.0 and Kerio Connect.

I believe I reported this incident began with the beta release of version 9.

The LDAP replication process failed starting with version 9 Beta 1-3 It started working in beta 4 and up to the final release.

They always behave in the same manner accross the versions.

The only version that is still working with LDAP is version 8.

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