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Katy mixon dating bobby deen

Her TV and film credits include "State of Play", "Robot Chicken", "Drive Angry", "A Little Something on the Side", and "Psych".

She landed her first acting role in a production of "Julius Caesar" with the Utah Shakespearean Festival while she was still in college and has earned for each performance of the show.

She started her acting career officially in 2001 after she played the role of “Calpurnia” in Julius Caesar, which was based on Shakespeare’s story.

Then she moved and settled in LA to explore her chances and was soon started theatre roles, most famous of them being which was one of the biggest hits of her career.

She has been brought up as a Christian by religion and is an American citizen by nationality, belonging to white ethnicity.

Growing up around Florida, life was pretty easy for Katy.

She has also starred in TV shows like Mike and Molly of CBS.

She played supporting roles in the movies such as The Quiet (2005), Four Christmases (2008), and State of Play (2009).

She has got many followers on her Twitter account as well as the Instagram page. She has added a good sum of salary from her successful career.

Katy Mixon is an American model as well as the actress who was born in1981 in the United States.

She was born as one of the seven children to Dorothy and Peter Mixon, who was married just 2 years before Katy’s birth.

Before their breakup there was some gossip about Katy being pregnant with the baby of Bobby Deen, and they both were soon to be married, but these rumors vanished soon after their break up.

"Katy and I were in a relationship for several years, and she is a wonderful woman, but when she moved to Los Angeles we had to make a really hard decision to end that relationship. It's still hurtful to this day, but I have met a wonderful, beautiful young lady who is a triathlete and wellness expert.

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