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Kathryn arbenz dating services in costa rica

A 1986 estimate puts annual sales at "m ore than II .

It is known that the President subscribes to the superstition propounded by right-wing Christian fundamentalists that Introduction 1 1 Israel will be the site of the battle of Armageddon which precedes the end of times.*' To help Israel prepare for more immediate battles, the Reagan Administration has increased its military and economic aid to the highest levels ever.As the great powers, for varying geopolitical reasons, were slow to sell arms to the new state, the Israelis pressed ahead, producing the Uzi submachine gun in 1 952 , and by 1 965 had developed the rudiments of aviation, munitions, and electronics industries.Israel's objective was a guaranteed source of supply, but as early as 1954 it also began marketing weapons.^" In 1 967, shaken by de Gaulle's abrupt cancellation of major contracts for aircraft and patrol boats, the Israelis embarked on a crash effort to lower their future political vulnerability by striving toward self-sufficiency in weapons production.^' They opted to invest funds that had previously been earmarked for purchases overseas into the indigenous arms industry.^^ In keeping with the decision immediately after the war to proceed with an intensified effort to develop and enlarge Israel's own weapons industry, cost-benefit calculations were set aside in favor of producing essential items in Israel." Introduction 1 3 With some critical technological inputs from abroad— some arriving in the form of foreign investment and purchase of foreign technology ,5* some pilfered, such as plans for the Mirage combat aircraft which were stolen by Mossad, Israel's secret service, from the French Dassault company's Swiss licensee," making possible the task of designing and building the Mirage- copy Kfir jet fighter — the arms industry expanded rapidly.It was also Ronald Reagan that allowed his administration to be directed by Israeli officials and Americans partial to Israel in the sale of arms to Iran and funneling of funds to the war against Nicaragua.But even with Reagan, a president with whom Israel enjoyed a "virtual honeymoon that existed over most of..

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~Ca^^ Irec This UN^ Ambassador Andrew Young after Young met with the PLO representative to the UN.

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