Jo de la rosa still dating

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Jo de la rosa still dating

Francisco de Paula Martinez de la Rosa was born on March 10, 1787 and died on February 7, 1862.Francisco de Paula Martinez de la Rosa would have been 74 years old at the time of death or 228 years old today.The relationship was during the gap of the first and second season.Their relationship had also been confirmed by Vicki Gunvalson and Jo De La Rosa.Jo De La Rosa has: Played herself in "The Real Housewives of Orange County" in 2006. Played Herself - Audience in "2008 American Music Awards" in 2008.Played The Unaware Victim in "Changing Hands" in 2010.

Lauri has admitted to liking the finer things in life, most of them provided by a number of husbands.

In Season 3, Lauri and her family have moved into George's home that he shares with his children from a previous marriage.

Josh (Lauri's son), however, does not join them as he is once again in trouble with the law.

Josh had a daughter Kennedy in 2012 making Lauri a grand mother.

Josh has struggled with addiction issues for years and faced legal trouble as well, including the 2016 arrest for which he is currently serving time.

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