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Jim from the office is dating

Jim's misfortunes are assumed to be because he is unable to get over Pam.

Jim's coworker, Andy Bernard, often calls him by the nickname "Big Tuna." Jim Halpert was born on October 1, 1978, to Gerald and Betsy Halpert.

The offer to Jim to be Assistant Regional Manager stands, though now at Scranton.

Jim is at first unwilling to return to Scranton because of Pam but eventually decides to do so.

He has two brothers, Pete and Tom, who share his general love of pranks but have come across as unpleasant and somewhat bullying towards their little brother.

Jim's parents presumably live in Scranton as well, as well as his sister Larissa and best friend Alan Murphy, who are listed as his emergency contacts at Dunder Mifflin.

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In several episodes, it is stated that Jim is a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Eagles and the Philadelphia 76ers.

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