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Over half of the suppliers responding to the survey (56 percent) use the GHG Protocol as their methodology to calculate corporate emissions.Other suppliers use a wide range of accounting methods including.And they have not gone beyond what is required in that standard.The GHG Protocol, developed by the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, is the international standard for how companies measure their GHG emissions.Survey responses reveal participating companies generally have an understanding of the potential risks from climate change.Although many survey responders are still in the early stages of addressing the climate issue, they are willing to share information regarding their climate change activities and appear committed to increasing their efforts in the future.Some companies stated they produce multiple products within one facility and it would be difficult and expensive to sub-meter the entire facility to get individual product line emissions.

The companies list savings from energy reduction as the biggest opportunity, as is being realized by pockets of Pakistani companies as well.The survey responses are useful as a baseline for members to understand the preparedness of suppliers to address climate change issues and to increase their knowledge of supply chain greenhouse gas emissions.The SCLC is therefore an opportunity to educate a large number of additional companies on the potential risks from climate change and encourage them to measure the emissions from their operations and products and implement climate mitigation strategies.Once companies have a handle on the management of their internal GHG footprint, they begin to evaluate impacts and implement reduction activities along their supply chain.Many suppliers indicate they are working on breaking down emissions calculations into various business segments and provide many reasons why they currently are not able get to that level of detail.

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The response rates reflect the typical carbon management continuum of companies.

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