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Because Isha decided to forge head, sometime later she got on her hands a memorable assignment she still remains proud of – that was the coverage of President Barack Obama’s maiden address at the UN General Assembly as US leader.

She still stokes the residue of the pride elicited by that report and encounter.

And when the golden time did come, she was not caught unawares or unready.

On her private life, she quipped that her lecturer mum and two siblings, brother and sister live in Sierra Leone, and at the place she lives, it is not all just work and no play because there is the likelihood that would make Isha a dull CNN girl.

From her adroit handling of the shows in London – sports and news, she later hit it big, vast and international with a job in the early first half of 2000 as presenter with the CNN international.

She is resident in US from where she traverses the world to pick pieces of stories she strings together into news for the CNN.

And for your information, if you meet Isha any day or anywhere, never annoy her by calling her a celeb.

Again, Isha was born in the UK, lived and grew up in her native Sierra Leone where the entire family members still live.

Just passing by Kenya to access Uganda was enough exposure of Isha. Just a stroll at the hotel lobby, she fell into the dragnet of the Sunday Nation that grilled her for an interview. As she reported the function that brought her there, a Ugandan newspaper, Sunday Monitor was busy at her trail reporting her. And in that story is embedded her view about life and success.

The revelation and lesson is that while you might mistakenly think Isha just happened on a big job in CNN, she had done a no-pay job in London earlier.

It was at the same venue on the sidelines that she encountered Kenyan PM, Ralia Odinga for an interview.

Isha once interviewed a man whose brilliance outshone her guts.

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